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Pearl up your food

Tomatoes Mozzarella new style


Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Mozzarella
Mini Cucumber
Tomato Balsamico

Method of preparation:

A fresh salad is full of flavor and addictive!
Cut the cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella in halves, cut the watermelon
in cubed (out of the refrigerator).
Cut the mini cucumber into thin slices with the Vegetable Peeler and shape the rolls so that they stand upright.
Arrange everything into a bowl, sprinkle with tomato balsamic.
Place (small) basil leaves on top.
Salt a little if necessary (the tomato balsamic vinegar already contains a little salt)
And finally, distribute the pearls
A dish that is very fresh and light,
intense in taste and hardly needs time to prepare.
Enjoy your meal!

Preparation time:

5-10 min

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